Influencing & Managing Stakeholders

Influencing & Managing Stakeholders

The Challenge

Our client was a functional team within a global oil company. Their job required them to work with more senior leaders across management.

They had to deliver a core service to these leaders and point out safety concerns and audit areas of risk.

They found themselves with increasing levels of client conflict, decreasing trust, and deteriorating relationships and asked us to design a programme to improve their business partnerships and influencing skills.


We adapted our Leading to Win programme into a series of short workshops focused on influencing, building trust, and managing stakeholders.

Leaders improved in targeted skill areas and worked to improve stakeholder relationships between workshops. Stakeholder input provided insights and a method to evaluate the programme.


Interpersonal effectiveness improved by 22% as rated by stakeholders.


Leaders became much more proactive in stakeholder engagement.


Leaders varied their approach used to influence and build trust.




We adapted our Leading to Win programme for this client with an increased focus on:

  • Influencing others
  • Managing conflict
  • Building stakeholder relationships

Leaders completed a bespoke 360 prior to and after the series of workshops and asked their internal business partners to rate their effectiveness. This provided them with insight as well as a way to measure improvement.

Between workshops, leaders practiced their new skills and shared their learnings at the next workshop.

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