3 Ways To Get A Growth Mindset (And Keep It!)

3 Ways To Get A Growth Mindset (And Keep It!)



By Dr. Alison Eyring, Chief Executive Officer, Organisation Solutions

Having a growth mindset is crucial when you are growing a business; it allows you to drive performance today AND transform your business for the future.


Julian Persaud, Head of Global Operations for Airbnb, not only role models a growth mindset, but he also develops it in others. Jules has a natural curiosity, a willingness to learn new things and he’s not afraid to try new ideas out. He’s quick to learn from others - even if they have less experience than he does.


A Growth Mindset is so essential for driving change and transformation that it is one of the nine dimensions that we measure in Edge - our Growth Leader Assessment. Leaders with a Growth Mindset push their organisations to grow, encourage experimentation and learn from failure while building new capabilities.


Here are three ways that you can develop and maintain a growth mindset


  1. Push yourself and your organisation
  2. Growth leaders push their organisations and themselves to try new things and to achieve goals that they think are impossible. Some growth leaders we know always ask their teams for goals and plans that are multiple factors higher than originally planned. This encourages and forces new strategies, new ways of doing things and new learning.

  3. Experiment rapidly, learn and do it again
  4. Growth leaders often pursue a number of new opportunities and experiments. If one opportunity fails, they cut their loss and learn from the experience. If it succeeds, they grow and scale it to the next level fast. They know that with experimentation, some failures are to be expected.

  5. Look for things you don’t know all the time
  6. We’ve developed young high potential leaders that get into a bad habit of saying ‘I know that’ all the time. The problem is, they have stopped looking for things they don’t know. This contrasts starkly with a CEO that we work with who is constantly learning. In any given presentation, he is looking for things he does not know, which is probably why he is now CEO. Remember, experts in their fields are often the first to admit that they have a lot to learn.


I loved speaking with Jules for my Growth Leader podcast! It was such a great conversation that we’ve included the entire interview for you here: Growth Leaders Podcast Episode 4 - Julian Persaud.


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Dr. Alison Eyrings is the Chief Executive Officer of Organisation Solutions. She works closely with global and regional executives from the Fortune/FTSE 500 and some of the world’s most innovative high-growth companies on leadership and growth. A global thought leader on building organisation capacity for growth, she is Adjunct Associate Professor at the NUS Business School. Alison is the author of the award winning book Pacing for Growth: Why intelligent Restraint Drives Long-Term SuccessContact Alison




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